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In the current situation of supplying the our market with basalt and natural sand, in the countries that depends exclusively on imports these products, and so it will be at all times, since this type of resources does not exist internally. Significant efforts are therefore required for the Countries authorities to create a sustainability context in supplying the internal market with this input, both in terms of quality and quantity, at an affordable price for the general population of these countries

BASALTOS S.A., understands that its firm commitment to contribute to the supply of internal market, in countries that need, with basalt imported from Cape Verde should be combined with a Social Responsibility policy directed at the fringe of the young population which lacks support to build a promising professional future. It is in this context that we propose the creation of a Fund called The Local Community Development Fund - LCDF, which represents an indispensable contribution and a tribute to women and children in the markets where we operate who are daily engaged in small commerce and other activities of low income to defend and honour the right to have a minimum income to their families, in particular to ensure education, family health and small businesses. This Fund will thus allows co-financing of initiatives and / or programes aimed at creating income alternatives for these people who often have in their traditional and unprofitable activities their only means of subsistence with consequences often limiting the preparation of young people's future.

Fund Sustainability
The Fund has a solid foundation for long-term sustainability.

For each tonne of gravel or basalt powder imported from Cape Verde and marketed in the market where we operate and for each tonne of natural sand marketed on the market where we operate or exported to Cape Verde, a percentage will be reserved to feed the LCDF.

The Local Community Development Fund, FDCL, is specifically to benefit the poor population in the areas of renewable energies; agriculture which uses basalt powder as fertilizer and renewable energies in the irrigation system and other applications; application of innovative technologies in the agricultural production system; education and projects for providing clean drinking water. The FDCL may have other applications to benefit this population group through projects that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.